List Of Wind Turbine Tower Manufacturers – Part 1

A&C Green Energy

A&C Green Energy has set a new standard in wind technology.A&C Green Energy supply high quality wind turbine blades and wind turbines to all parts of the world.Each wind turbine is precision designed for maximum efficiency at low wind speeds while providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance.Safety and quality is built into each part providing long lasting low maintenance wind systems which generate electric power when you need it most.

Advanced Tower Systems BV

Advanced Tower Systems (ATS) has developed an innovative hybrid tower which is made of prefabricated concrete and tubular steel sections. It facilitates the application of higher and more powerful wind turbines, which results in more energy yield and an improved Return on Investment.
In 2008 the first hybrid tower of 133m high has been built in Germany, in combination with the Siemens turbine SWT 2.3/93. The concrete part of the tower is 75 m high and consists of precast concrete segments.

Aerostar Wind Turbines

AEROSTAR 10 kW wind turbines utilize induction generators allowing simple direct utility interconnection without the need for an inverter. The two blade teetering rotor substantially reduces loads on the turbine and tower resulting in a smooth running, efficient and low cost system. The turbine design goes back to the early 1980s and incorporates the latest advances in materials and technology.

AH Industries inc.

Sales and production of tower flanges.
Diameters from 6 feet up to 21 feet in all known material qualities on the market.
Sales and manufacturing of Main shafts.
Machining of large components
Sales and manufacturing of special tools for on-site work.
Blade washing machines
Site management
Consultancy within tower building
Quality control

Ameron International

Ameron Wind Towers is a full service wind tower manufacturer with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Southern California. From Ameron’s ideal location we are within two hours or less to Tehachapi, Palm Springs and San Diego projects. With our new on-site rail yard Ameron can now transport to the entire Southwest and the Heartland of America. Ameron Wind Towers, exceptional quality and service you can depend on.

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