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Company Profile
image thumb63 BISOL, d.o.o.   Slovenia BISOL produces high quality mono- and multicrystalline silicon
photovoltaic modules designed for both commercial and residential
applications suitable for grid connected and stand alone systems.
High output power modules consist of high quality, proven and
certified materials. In addition to delivering high power density with
high module efficiency, BISOL modules are suitable for the highest
system voltage of solar power plants, i.e. 1000 V .Modules are well
accepted for their excellent long-term electric stability. All modules
are qualified with the principal international standard IEC
61215:2005 Ed. 2 and are certified for highest mechanical loads of
5,400 Pa. making them suitable for heavy snow areas. Relying on the
extremely high quality level of products based on strict criteria of
quality control at each step of the production process, the company
offers a 25-year guarantee on the output power of the modules. In
addition, BISOL would like to underline that all modules are
produced in disabled people friendly manufacturing environment
and labeled “Made in Slovenia”.
Main Features & Benefits
- High-power, high-quality, and highly efficient PV modules
- Outstanding long-term performance
- Withstand rigorous operating conditions
- Proven, highest quality, and certified materials
- Excellent long-term electrical stability
- High voltage operation (1,000 V )
- 5 year product warranty
- 12 years warranty on 90%power output
- 25 years warranty on 80%power output
- IEC 61215:2005 Ed. 2 certified
- Heavy load 5,400 Pa approved
- NOCTof 44°C perfect for southern areas and tracking systems
- Pre-sorting according to Pmpp and Impp


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