Hydrogen Power Generators Production Project Seeking Financing

Recently I have been contacted from one of our website visitors with the following letter:

Our Bulgarian company, working in the alternative and renewable clean energy field, located in Sofia, is searching for a partner/investor for developing a Project for hydrogen power generators production. This project is based on our original invention and elaboration of a method for high-efficient catalyst water electrolysis.
The Project is led in our laboratories by a team of high-standing Bulgarian professors and engineers from Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Technical University – Sofia.
Our elaboration is globally unique and revolutionary. It allows a number of types of independent power generation systems to be created, using as a "fuel" only and solely – regular tap water. The power obtained is cheap, unlimited and 100% clean. Generators are independent of any outer energy sources, such as electricity, gas, etc. The only source is water. These generators could be mounted everywhere – at home, on any vehicle – car, ship, airplane, in the middle of the field or in the mountain. There is no need of pipe and cable lines, gas tanks (except eventually for water), tankers, cisterns, etc.
Power production process is absolutely safe and precisely adjustable – power produced is "on demand" just as much as needed for the specific consumption in the moment. Maintenance is reduced to a check and cleaning once in 6 months.
Generators produced will be destined to the local, European and World market. Our company has purchased already a large land plot in Sofia to start construction of a scientific and production centre for the Project.
Our laboratory elaboration is on its final stage, we develop an engineering plan for a prototype and zero series production.
With respect to the abovementioned, we submit our intention to invite any possible investor with substantial capital to join our project as our partner or lender.
We shall review and respect only serious and specific proposals. Please send all your inquiries and proposals  to our e-mail.
Best Regards to all visitors and administrators of this amazing website. Let’s together make the Earth a cleaner and a better place to live on.


Please find below the project contact details:


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