5 MW Photovoltaic Project in Southern Bulgaria for Sale

I have recently received an email from a friend of mine to publish this offer which includes 3 possibilities for investment in Bulgarian Solar Energy Sector

About the seller:

Our main activity is connected with the operation of advisory and mediation services in the area of lending, real estate and leasing. Also, we provide several major projects for construction of photovoltaic plants directly from the owners.

The Projects:
One of the projects we are offering is located in southern Bulgaria in the village Stoilovo (42.033 N, 27.517 E) and it’s suitable for 5 MW PV installations.
The status of the land (14,8 Ha) is converted for PV purpose. The plots are located in an area where the available data (PVGIS) show the best possible irradiation for this part of the country with indicated levels of 1,500 kwh/kwp/year. About the connection, there are 20 kV lines of the Electricity Distribution Company (EDC) in 320 meters distance from the plot.
We are offering also a project located in Haskovo (42о19’37.23” North 24о49’50.57” East, elevation 194; 92,5 Ha). The owners have all necessary documents for PV installation including preliminary contract with the Electricity Distribution Company.
Also, we are offering a Plot of 350 Ha suitable for 140 MW plant – there are two voltage 110 kV, also 2 asphalt road, 4 black road and railway line (has its own train depot). This offer is only for rent.

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