5 MW Photovoltaic Project in Southern Bulgaria for Sale

I have recently received an email from a friend of mine to publish this offer which includes 3 possibilities for investment in Bulgarian Solar Energy Sector

About the seller:

Our main activity is connected with the operation of advisory and mediation services in the area of lending, real estate and leasing. Also, we provide several major projects for construction of photovoltaic plants directly from the owners.

The Projects:
One of the projects we are offering is located in southern Bulgaria in the village Stoilovo (42.033 N, 27.517 E) and it’s suitable for 5 MW PV installations.
The status of the land (14,8 Ha) is converted for PV purpose. The plots are located in an area where the available data (PVGIS) show the best possible irradiation for this part of the country with indicated levels of 1,500 kwh/kwp/year. About the connection, there are 20 kV lines of the Electricity Distribution Company (EDC) in 320 meters distance from the plot.
We are offering also a project located in Haskovo (42о19’37.23” North 24о49’50.57” East, elevation 194; 92,5 Ha). The owners have all necessary documents for PV installation including preliminary contract with the Electricity Distribution Company.
Also, we are offering a Plot of 350 Ha suitable for 140 MW plant – there are two voltage 110 kV, also 2 asphalt road, 4 black road and railway line (has its own train depot). This offer is only for rent.


  1. Petr Bilek says:

    We are seriously interested in large scale PV project in Bulgaria. Can you please provide additional information about plot of 350 ha (location, connection to the grid, price offer, …). Thank you.

    Petr Bilek

  2. admin says:

    Give me more information about your company and I will forward your comment to people who may be interested.


  3. Pedro Rodríguez says:

    De acuerdo con su solicitud, estamos interesados en la compra de proyectos enérgeticos.

  4. Paul B. says:

    we are interested in investing and promoting large scale (min. 25MW) photov. projects in Bulgaria.

  5. admin says:

    Everyone interest in PV projects in Bulgaria can check our our new Partner http://www.resbulgaria.com

  6. Simon W. says:

    We have clients looking for projects in Bulgaria and Italy, we can also assist in arranging funding for projects in excess of 15MW. Please send more information to simon@rdi-europe.com

    Renewable Development and Investment

  7. Yannis Zounalis says:

    Please let us know of the status of this project now as well as of more information. We may have immediate interest.

    Thank you.

  8. admin says:

    This one in particular has been posted by a third party so I do not have any additional information. But I have forwarded your inquiry to one of our associates.

  9. Enno says:

    I am just reading this post. I can offer own pv-projects (photovoltaic greenhouses) in Italy and conventional projects in Bulgaria. There are several ones in a final state or even finished, ready to go for the DD. I am offering real serious projects directly from the developer!!!

    Pls. send me your contact details:

    Enno Schlechter
    New Technologies & Sources GmbH

  10. admin says:

    Please contact the people running our Partner Site – Res Bulgaria

  11. Eddy says:

    I can offer suitable PV projects in Bulgaria in different stages of development (5 projects from 2MW to 5MW), fully licensed, and ready for construction. Also turn key projects. Due Diligence carried on.
    Fully confidential information can be asked at inocencio.tania@sapo.pt .Direct from developer. NO intermediaries please!

  12. Jason Yang says:

    We are one of the largest module producer in China,can offer you high quality module.Please send me more information about project.

  13. Assen Mihov says:

    Hello, I own a 3MW licensed PV project in Bulgaria. The connection with the 20KV grid is in the land. If you are interested in further details please contact me at mihovassen@mail.bg

  14. C.S says:

    I am the owner of 112 hectares of land in the SE of Romania, the Sun Highway, which is perfect for setting up a solar park PV with a capacity of 50 MW and seek financing solutions.

  15. anabel ltd says:


    We are consultancy company from Bulgaria and have a number of PV and wind projects. For more information please contact us at anabel@netbg.com

  16. jpl-bg says:

    projects 100KW to 1MW we are the land owner with file . Nbr of 5 projects with 1 MW power each ,ready to connect also for sale but we are not the owner of the land.For more information do not hesitate to contact us : info-jpl@jpl-bg.com

  17. Please, do check out our website and what we offer and contact us via email or telephone number.

    Kind Regards
    Christos Charatsaris
    Managing Director of Solarmontage Ltd.

  18. Mandy Ruan says:

    We are the professional manufacturer of solar panel in China. We have great interest in investing in solar panel project overseas. We are greatly support by our government so we can support financing for big project of PV system. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to work with us.

    Best regards

    Mandy Ruan

  19. Eric Ho says:

    As a professional EPC company for Solar power plants ,We have great interest in investing solar plant overseas.Please contact us if you have land and government’s permission on the PV plants with FIT program.We will support you materials,equipments ,technique and capital.Please contact us for more details of our investment in Italy.

    Eric Ho

  20. Stephen Ward says:

    Look forward to hearing from you

  21. Tomas says:

    Photovoltaic power plants For sale in Slovakia. If you are interested, please contact us. We provide you with detailed
    information. spano(at)investy.sk

  22. Martin Kral says:

    Dear investors, I can offer you photovoltaic projects in Bulgaria from 1MW-10MW with build permit. Price 300.000/MW. Contact me for closer informations on martinkral@solarnienergie.eu
    Kind regards,
    Martin Kral
    EKO-Electric, spol. s r.o.

  23. JPL BULGARIA says:

    Photovoltaic Projects for sale in Bulgaria, from 1 MW to 24 MW, with prices per MW starting from 170 000,-€ MW up to 290 000,-€/MW; projects with full documentation and possessing building permit and several with final grid connection contract with local grid operator. For further information, do not hesitate to mail us on: maya@jpl-bg.com

  24. ippolito says:

    good morning
    Our company operating in the photovoltaic sector seeks investor for the sale of large plants in 2011 related to the Italian territory.
    and for large systems to be connected to the ground at the end of the year 2011, sales of our other proposals for real convenience, we have more than 100 mw. the south and center of Italy.
    wind power plant for 100 MW already connected to the south of Italy for more information please contact eupowerenergy@libero.it

  25. ippolito says:

    good day
    Our company is looking for investors for the construction of No. 20 Italian photovoltaic systems in the Territory for a total of 20 mw ready to begin work with the delivery by 2011 at a cost of 2650 euros per kw, the construction is done with the experience and professionalism of our company that has been operating for years in the field of photovoltaics. this investment is directed to the areas of group purchasing and investor in the field of photovoltaics. For further information contact eupowerenergy@libero.it

  26. Asif says:

    We have 4 MW solar ready to built project for immediate sale as all required authorization have already be taken from the Romanian Government. please do contact if you are serious so we may share the project details and move further

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