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Phocos is one of the largest suppliers of off-grid power supply system components in the world. Phocos is a German company that develops, design, and manufactures products to suit the needs of all stake-holders in the global power market.

Our mission is to promote efficient application of stand-alone PV systems by providing high-quality, reliable and low-cost energy storage technology and components.

Phocos has operations on six continents including three manufacturing plants and fourteen subsidiaries & representative offices, allowing our products be be available all over the world.


Phocos took shape in the mid-eighties, when a group of engineers at the University of Applied Sciences in Ulm developed a new type of technology for solar charge regulators, thereby greatly enhancing the overall efficiency of the stand-alone system.

We have been using this sophisticated technology in our products since 1991.

In late 2000, a team of engineers together with other stake-holders (among them the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research in Ulm and Stuttgart) founded Phocos AG. Since then Phocos has not looked back and continues to develop, produce, and distribute innovative products for autonomous electricity supply systems.

Technical Background/Our Expertise

Product development concentrates specifically on the problem of energy storage in autonomous electricity supply systems. Our goal is to increase the efficiency and reliability of the system as a whole, and to lower costs through the intelligent production, storage and consumption of energy.

Our technical team is led by a group of highly skilled engineers,who work closely with leading institutions in the field such as the University of Applied Sciences in Ulm.


Phocos manufactures a wide range of high technology components for off-grid power supply systems based on renewable energy. We have a proven ability to provide excellent products combined with excellent customer support.

Phocos has 6 major groups of solar products:System Management, Charge Controller, DC Lighting, System Accessories, DC Appliances and Power Generation. To see how Phocos products can fit into your energy solutions, see our Application Examples.


Phocos is strongly committed to developing and producing products that meet our strict specifications in terms of quality, innovation and technology. Our highly skilled Research and Development team works in close collaboration with the University of  Applied Science of Ulm, and other famous institutes in Germany to produce components which greatly enhance the life-span of the battery and improve the efficiency of the solar system.

Reliability & Cost

Key issues in the off-grid rural electrification market are reliability and cost. The rugged and advanced technology used in Phocos charge controllers and products ensures greater reliability, improves the over-all efficiency of the system and lowers the costs of energy storage.

Specialty in Off-grid Application

We offer a cutting edge range of components for off-grid power supply systems including a comprehensive range of solar charge controllers, system management units, DC fluorescent lamps and refrigerators, micro-hydro turbines and fuel-cell hybrid systems. Our products are versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications such as industrial power supplies, telecommunications, traffic control, lighting and for leisure purposes such as boating and sailing.


Our ability to respond to our customer’s specific needs enables us to offer highly sophisticated and customized solutions for use in larger industrial systems or in low cost stand-alone systems for large rural electrification projects.


Our manufacturing philosophy here at Phocos holds product quality in the highest regard. We are ISO certified, and control quality throughout the supply chain. Be it the use of sophisticated Ulbrichtskugel Integration Sphere testing equipment, a rigorous supplier quality management programme, incoming inspection of all materials, full initial 100 percent ICT testing for all charge controllers, and final post-production checks for every product, quality truly is #1 at Phocos.


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