Dyesol and NIMS, Japan Collaborate on Higher Performing Dyes

Dyesol (ASX: DYE) and the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) Japan, have recently formalized a joint collaboration agreement for a three year program, the objective of which is to deliver the next generation of highly efficient dye solar cell (DSC) materials and technology that will feed directly into Dyesol’s commercial partner projects, including Tata Steel Europe & Pilkington North America – our two key partners addressing the US$400 Billion per annum building envelope market.

The work will be undertaken at the NIMS research facility in Tsukuba (Near Tokyo) and will be directed by Dr Liyuan Han of NIMS, a renowned and respected leader in DSC research worldwide and Dyesol’s Dr Gavin Tulloch. Dr Han, former Principle Researcher (1993 – 2008) of the Advanced Energy Laboratories, Sharp Corporation, Japan, holds the certified world record for DSC efficiency of 11.1%.

Dr Tulloch, Director of Technology, Dyesol, stated “this presents a unique opportunity for Dyesol to extend the boundaries of DSC efficiencies through a concerted effort in materials development with a world-leading institution, led by a recognised expert in the field.”

“This project seeks to extend the boundaries beyond the efficiency levels achievable with thin film PV devices based on CIGS (copper indium gallium diselenide) or CdTe (cadmium telluride). In contrast to these technologies, DSC does not rely on significant quantities of toxic materials (such as cadmium) or rare materials (such as indium, gallium, tellurium) and offers the shortest energy payback rates because DSC uses significantly less energy in manufacture, can operate in any light conditions and because DSC emulates photosynthesis, so it works all day every day”, Dr Tulloch stated.

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