Solyndra 200 Series Rooftop Solar System


200 Series Solar Panel Mounts Require No Tools
Light weight and simple installation means fast projects and low cost. The 200 Series requires no tools for installation. The light weight panels install without penetrations or array grounding, making this the easiest and fastest-to-install rooftop solar system yet. Ideal for older or “value engineered” buildings, the low distributed roof load is 2.8 pounds per square foot. Snap together mounts dramatically lower labor costs and shorten project times for large rooftop solar installations. This minimizes business disruption and makes moving the system for future roofing, retrofit or ownership changes a simple process. Watch Video

image thumb14 Solyndra 200 Series Rooftop Solar SystemPowerful Light Collection Technology
Improved light collection makes the 200 Series our most powerful panel yet, especially when combined with a white, “cool roof”. Individual panels are rated as high as 220Wp.

Low LCOE and Strong ROI
The ease of installation, low balance of system costs and power of the 200 Series provides low levelized cost of electricity and contributes to high returns on investment for the customer.

Cell Type Cylindrical CIGS

  • Maximum System Voltage: Universal design 1,000V (IEC) & 600V (UL) systems
  • Dimensions Panel: 2.28 m x 1.09 m x 0.06 m
  • Height: 0.36 m to top of panel on mounts
  • Mounts: Non-penetrating, steel-reinforced, high performance engineered plastic
  • Connectors: 4 Tyco Solarlok; 0.20 m cable
  • Series Fuse Rating: 24.4 Amps
  • Roof Load: 13.9 kg/m2 (2.8 lb/ft2) panel and mounts
  • Panel Weight: 31.8 kg (69 lb) without mounts
  • Snow Load Maximum: 1,850 † Pa / 1,200 Pa (38.6 lb/ft2 / 25.1 lb/ft2)
  • Hailstone Impact: 25 mm, 7.53 g at 23 m/s per IEC 61646
  • Wind Performance: 208 km/h (130 mph) maximum self-ballasting with no attachments
  • Operating and Storage Temp: -40˚C to +85˚C
  • Normal Operating Cell Temperature: 44˚C at 800 W/m2 , Temp = 20˚C, Wind = 1m/s
  • Certifications/Listings: UL1703, IEC 61646, IEC 61730,CE Mark, CEC listing, Protection Class II Application Class A per IEC 61730-2, Fire Class C, MCS/BRE(UK)
  • Warranty: 25 year limited power warranty 5 year limited product warranty

image thumb15 Solyndra 200 Series Rooftop Solar System

image thumb16 Solyndra 200 Series Rooftop Solar System

Solyndra panels capture direct, diffuse and reflected sunlight across a 360-degree photovoltaic surface. Solyndra panels can be placed in virtually any orientation and significantly closer together than conventional tilted panels. The unique cylindrical design allows wind to flow through the panels and as a result no additional ballast or penetrations are required in winds up to 208 kph (130 mph). Designed for maximum performance in the rooftop environment, Solyndra panels offer superior wind, soiling and snow performance.

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