Top CIGS Photovoltaic Modules by Efficiency

Solar PV experts at ranked copper/indium/gallium/selenide (CIGS) thin film photovoltaics modules by their efficiency.
TSMC came out on top, with its TS-150 CIGS module hitting 13.8% power conversion efficiency. Miasole also struck above 13%. 6 companies, including Q-cells, Nanosolar, Solar Frontier, and others, had efficiency at or above 12%.
All of the top 10 modules boasted efficiencies over 11.4%, with efficiency not falling below 10% until the 20th ranked module, from Jenn Feng.

  Manufacturer Module Efficiency Module Type
1. TSMC 13.80% TS-150 CIGS
2. Miasole 13.10% MS140GG
3. Q-Cells 12.70% Q smart UF 95
4. Solar Frontier 12.60% SF155-L
5. Avancis 12.60% PowerMax
6. Global Solar Energy 12.60% PowerFLEX BIPV 300W
7. Yohkon Energia 12.30% YEC 200-160
8. Nanosolar 12.00% Nanosolar Utility Panel
9. Honda Soltec 11.60% HEM130PCB
10. New Energy Solutions 11.40% NESI-CIGS

Visit for the full top-25 list of CIGS modules.

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