Belgium Feed-In Tariffs – Green Certificates

Belgium 15 Year
Green certificates
each certificate is worth 65€
First 5 kWp 7 Certificates/MWh 0,455€/kWh
Next 5 kWp 5 Certificates/MWh 0,325€/kWh
Next 240 kWp 4 Certificates/MWh 0,260€/kWh
More than 250 kWp 1 Certificate/MWh 0,100€/kWh


Producers of electricity based on renewable energy sources can receive green certificates from the VREG for electricity generated in the Flemish Region from the following renewable energy sources:

Solar power
Energy generated from sunrays

Wind power Energy generated from the wind by means of a wind turbine

Energy generated from water by making use of the height difference or the rate of flow of water

Tidal power
Energy generated by making use of the difference in water level between low and high tides

Wave power
Energy generated from the rapidly changing seawater level due to the presence of waves

Geothermal power
Geothermal energy, or the internal heat of the earth, is the energy generated by making use of the temperature difference between the earth’s surface and heat basins deep within it

Biogas is generated by the fermentation of organic material, energy is generated from this fermentation process in biogas facilities

Landfill gas
Gas mixture of methane and carbon dioxide released when organic material is converted in a landfill by bacteria and can be used to generate electricity

Sewage gas
During the organic purification of sewage water, gases are released (such as methane) that can be collected and used to generate energy

Biomass energy
Biodegradable matter in products, waste materials, in vegetable and animal residue from agriculture and forestry and from industrial and household waste

A green certificate shows that 1.000 kWh electricity were generated from a renewable energy source. Producers who are awarded a green certificate, do not receive it on paper. The VREG includes green certificates in a central database, which can be consulted by producers on the Internet.

Producers may sell these green certificates to suppliers who still have not met their certificate obligation. If the producer is also a supplier, they can use them to meet their own certificate obligation.

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