Hodij Coatings BV

Hodij Coatings BV is a global paint supplier and strategic partner of PPG Industries. Hodij Coatings is specialized in tailor-made products and is the largest not self image thumb22 Hodij Coatings BVproducing supplier of industrial coatings of Europe. With over 13 years of experience in supplying total paint systems in wind energy markets, we are the cooperation partner of large companies like: GE Wind, Suzlon and Eozen.

We offer total solutions, because of our network of sales, distribution and field technical service. We supply tower coatings, bedplate coatings and blade coatings for production, service and maintenance purposes, which are tested and approved for on- and offshore. On demand, Hodij provides technical support in house or on-site.

Wind energy related activities:

  • HAPS compliant and VOC reduced blade coatings
  • Erosion Resistant leading edge protection
  • In house and on-site training programs and technical support
  • Solventfree PU pore and pinhole fillers
  • Tower and blade coatings for on- and offshore

Industriestraat 51

ZIP / Town:
NL-7903 AJ Hoogeveen

+31 (0)528 / 271916

+31 (0)528 / 270047


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