AkoTec Produktionsgesellschaft GmbH

AkoTec develops and produces vacuum tube collectors exclusively for OEM, i.e. industrial customers and distributors, who offer the systems under their own brand names. Everything is "Made in Germany".

Only German manufactured vacuum tubes from the Narva Company are processed in Ako Tec collectors. High performance, safety against hail damages and continuous reliable high quality with competitive prices are the deciding features of AkoTec collectors.

AkoTec already has over 25 years of experience in solar thermal products and system concepts. Automated processing of collector elements, as copper pipes, guarantee constant high quality standards. With the technology mentioned above, the goal is achieved: to offer high quality German based achieved through massproduction for an economically price to the single / apartment houses, solar thermal plants and to the not yet well established area of thermal cooling and process heat.

AkoTec collectors distinguish themselves from others through enormously high performance, less weight, quick assembly and high quality design. Naturally are the direct flow and heat pipe collecotrs TÜV tested and SolarKeymark certificated. Some advanteges of our collectors: tubes are 360° rotatable; double coated absorber in direct flow tubes (higher power); temperature of heat pipe tube don’t exceed 160°C; easy to install through oen person; connected with quick-change-facility; dry connection of heat pipe tubes into manifold.


Grundmühlenweg 3 16278 Angermünde, Deutschland


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