Selected News – 14 November 2011

13.78MW SunPower solar plant planned for US Naval Air Weapons Station

SunPower is continuing with its end-of-year building frenzy with a planned 13.78MW solar PV power system at a naval air weapons station at China Lake in California, with the intention of opening next month and to be in operation at the beginning of next year. Selected News – 14 November 2011


Abstract : IEA paper says greater ‘demand response’ is needed to improve the flexibility and resilience of electricity systems. By embracing ‘demand response’ – a term used to describe the willingness of end-users to vary their demand for electricity in response to changes in prices – countries can …

100GW of demand, and the coming inflection point in the US solar market

Non-linear systems are often difficult to understand. The famous “penny game” is a good example. In this game, a hypothetical person is given one penny (or one euro cent) on the first day, two pennies on the second day, four pennies on the third day, etc., and then asked to guess the total value of the pennies at the end of one month. Very few people guess correctly – US$21 million – or appreciate that 75% of that value is created on the last two days. Selected News – 14 November 2011

Solar PV manufacturing equipment revenues to halve in 2012

The solar photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing equipment market could more than halve in 2012, according IMS Research.

Scotland gets £103m in renewable energy funding

Scotland has been awarded £103 million from the UK Fossil Fuel Levy to spend on renewable energy investments.

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