News Overview 20.01.2013

Black silicon can take efficiency of solar cells to new levels

Scientists have demonstrated results that show a huge improvement in the light absorption and the surface passivation on silicon nanostructures. This has been achieved by applying atomic layer coating. The results advance the development of devices that require high sensitivity light response such as high efficiency solar cells. News Overview 20.01.2013

Rising Solar Energy Output Drives German & French Power Prices To Record Lows

GE Confirms Decrease In Wind Turbine Orders In Q4

GE has released its earnings report for the fourth quarter of 2012, and despite its 13% year-over-year growth, the company reported a decrease in wind turbine orders in Q4.

Sungevity Raises $125 Million for Residential Solar


Thin film solar cells: New world record for solar cell efficiency

In a remarkable feat, scientists have developed thin film solar cells on flexible polymer foils with a new record efficiency of 20.4% for converting sunlight into electricity. The cells are based on CIGS semiconducting material (copper indium gallium (di)selenide) known for its potential to provide cost-effective solar electricity. The technology is currently awaiting scale-up for industrial applications. News Overview 20.01.2013

Nanowires fuel breakthrough for solar energy

Nanowires could pave the way for more efficient and cheaper solar cells. Research on solar cell nanowires is on the rise globally. Until now the unattained dream figure was ten per cent efficiency — but now researchers are able to report an efficiency of 13.8 per cent. News Overview 20.01.2013

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