EU Pushing PV Storage for Consumers

The approaching competitiveness of solar photovoltaics (PV) with other electricity sources is creating new opportunities for investment in electricity storage, allowing for important synergies between PV and storage in Europe’s energy mix.

In its response to the European Commission (DG ENER) Working Paper on Storage, the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) is supporting the Commission’s increased focus on storage as one of the power system’s key components. EPIA underlines that PV and daily storage have very compatible profiles. Daily storage can shift the highly predictable PV peak production occurring around midday towards the evening hours, when peak consumption usually takes place. In this way, the match between generation and demand is greatly improved and PV system integration is enhanced.

“Importantly, as the share of PV in Europe’s electricity mix increases, PV’s production pattern creates the opportunity with storage to profitably sell electricity on the wholesale market twice a day, during the morning and the evening”, said Giorgia Concas, EPIA Policy Officer.

Recent cost reductions in the generation of PV electricity create a new opportunity to invest in complementary storage systems while remaining competitive with retail electricity prices. By 2020 in Europe, a PV system owner will have between €0.05/kWh and €0.19/kWh available to invest in an additional storage device. This calculation takes into account the additional savings on the electricity bill that a storage system brings to PV system owners at residential and commercial level.

“Mechanisms incentivizing local or self-consumption of PV electricity should be put in place in all EU countries as soon as possible since it can help grid management,” added Concas. “We believe storage can play a role there. But with increasing shares of variable renewables in the system, we need to develop all flexibility solutions in parallel.”

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