US Geothermal Industry Statistics

Installed geothermal power capacity grew by 5% or 147.05MW in the United States since GEA’s last survey in March 2012. 

Seven geothermal projects became operational in 2012, including the first coproduction plant. Additionally, the first hybrid solar-geothermal plant went online this year, although no new geothermal capacity was added at this plant.  
There are currently 175 geothermal projects under development in the U.S.  
About 5,150-5,523 MW of known geothermal resources are under development in the U.S., of which geothermal developers are developing 2,511-2,606 MW in potential capacity additions over the next decade.  
GEA revised its last year’s estimate of total installed capacity to increase its estimate by 128 MW. 

image thumb US Geothermal Industry Statistics

Currently 3,386 MW of geothermal power are installed in the United States. 

Last Updated On:5th March 2013

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