eSolar Presents Optimized Solar Collector

ESolar (Burbank, California, U.S.) a leading developer of modular, scalable concentrating solar power (CSP) technology, is unveiling two new product offerings during the 2013 SolarPACES conference, being held Sept. 17-20 in Las Vegas, Nev.

The company has also completed a USD 22 million funding round from existing investors including Oak Investment Partners (Norwalk, Connecticut, U.S.). The company says this will support its expansion into the Middle East and North Africa for enhanced oil recovery, desalination and process heat applications, as well as funding its collector design improvements.

image thumb1 eSolar Presents Optimized Solar Collector“We’ve made the case for our small, factory-built heliostats in high-density solar fields around the world,” said eSolar CEO John Van Scoter. “Today, we’re raising the bar with our re-imagined SCS5 design, which promises to significantly improve project economics for the global CSP market.”

SCS5 heliostats to offer lower collector system costs

eSolar says that due to the simplified design and increased reliability, its SCS5 heliostat can reduce total collector system costs by more than one third. The new collector will be commercially available in early 2014.

The company also notes that its new solar power tower can be implemented to allow peaking capability at large baseload power plants. These tower systems can be replicated at project sites to create plants up to 200 MW in capacity, with a 75% capacity factor.

“In addition to enabling firm power on-demand, our molten salt plants also allow system operators to reuse produced water from oilfields, which creates a particularly attractive offering for the solar EOR industry, even in a 24/7 operating configuration,” notes Van Scoter.

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