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We provide inspection flights realized by means of images, videos and thermography recorded with octocopters of the trade mark EagleLive, which are specially optimized for being used with various camera systems and measuring systems. We provide outstanding service based on our long-term experience as pilots and flight instructors as well as our extensive knowledge in photovoltaics.

defekter string Airscan europe Solarquelle GmbH   Photovoltaic Thermography ServicesThanks to photovoltaic thermography the company provides contactless inspections of your photovoltaic plant without interrupting its service. Since the octocopter stands still in the air, you can take sharp and steady images from optimum angles of view without having to use complex scaffoldings or lifting platforms.

30% of all photovoltaic plants show defects

Get your photovoltaic plant inspected to assert warranty claims. We inspect and analyze every roof, from big industrial plants to photovoltaic plants on private house roofs. Our high-resolution and thermally very sensitive infrared camera enables us to detect even minor defects in a module. A further advantage of the octocopter is the fact that it can approach a single module – even with large photovoltaic plants – for recording close-up images.

When should a thermographic inspection be done?

To avoid initial assembly faults, we recommend to do an initial inspection shortly after commissioning the photovoltaic plant. Moreover, this initial inspection provides a good reference for subsequent follow-up measurements.

Before the warranty period ends you should do a further inspection to assert potential warranty claims for the last time in case of any defects.

When does a flight pay off?

Whether at the time of accepting a new plant, before the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty or in regular intervals – a failure of single modules or strings of a photovoltaic plant leads to tremendous losses of profit for the respective plant operator. We can prevent these losses.

Certified expert report

More than 10 years of experience in photovoltaics qualify us to prepare and evaluate a thermography of photovoltaic plants. We will provide you with a certified and approved expert report.

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