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Solarvalley Mitteldeutschland e.V.

Company Profile The concentration of photovoltaic (PV) companies in Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt is unique in the world. The support from politics at a national and regional level have made central Germany into an outstanding region for photovoltaics. The industry has formed a cluster called "Solar Valley Central Germany". Within the scope of the German […]

Airscan-europe Solarquelle GmbH – Photovoltaic Thermography Services

Company Profile We provide inspection flights realized by means of images, videos and thermography recorded with octocopters of the trade mark EagleLive, which are specially optimized for being used with various camera systems and measuring systems. We provide outstanding service based on our long-term experience as pilots and flight instructors as well as our extensive […]


PA-ID PROCESS GmbH is a machine manufacturer who develops and produces systems for the solar-industry. Furthermore PA-ID works on improvements of solar panels. The result is the 2Power-module which generates electrical and thermal power. 2 Power Module Concept Photovoltaic cells use sunlight to produce valuable power. 2Power-technology also delivers warm water.Photovoltaic modules reach temperatures of […]

Absolicon Solar Concentrator AB

Absolicon is initiating a new era in solar energy with two revolutionizing products. The Absolicon X10 PVT, that produces both electricity and heat, and the Absolicon T10 which produces process heat up to 200 °C. The Absolicon X10 PVT produces electricity that can be used within a building or can be fed into the grid. […]

Averde GmbH & Co. KG

AVERDE Security offers a broad range of security solutions for PV-parks. one of our solutions is a high security fencing system which deters and detects any attempt to enter the protected area and generates automatically an alarm. In combination with our high speed video-surveillance it is possible to record any event in any zone of […]


AUTARCON is a young and innovative enterprise being specialized on energy-self-sufficient drinking water treatment for remote areas. Hereby we can draw back on years of experience in the field of solar energy supply and decentralized water treatment. Implementing our SuMeWa|SYSTEM (from Sun Meets Water) we are able to respond to the individual needs of our […]

Aurasol SA

With a flexible production line, AURASOL. Ltd, is passionately committed to delivering customized photovoltaic solutions to its customers through a lasting Win-Win relationship that builds a unique and sustainable future. When a standard display photovoltaic product will not meet your needs, AURASOL provides tailored solutions that help you get the most out of your most […]