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Australia Reached 3.1 GW Rooftop Photovoltaic Capacity In 2013

Australia ended 2013 with over 1.6 million PV systems installed on rooftops, representing almost 3.1GW cumulative capacity of rooftop solar power installed across the country. Currently the country has 1,161,245 rooftop PV systems, representing 3,096 MW of installed PV capacity. 671.9 MW is the amount

First Offshore Wind Turbine In Spain

Gamesa’s G128-5.0 MW offshore wind turbine prototype, installed in Arinaga (Canary Islands), will generate enough energy to power 7,500 households every year. The first offshore wind turbine installed in Spain has been recently commissioned.. It is also Gamesa’s first offshore prototype, with 5 MW of

Advanced Solar Photonics Launches SolarTower™ Dual Axis Photovoltaic Tracking System

New Generation PV Solar Tracker to Feature an Integrated Solar Array and Bifacial Solar Panels Advanced Solar Photonics, a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic (PV) equipment, components, and provider of turnkey alternative energy generating systems, today announced it has launched its next generation ASP SolarTower –

News Overview 20.01.2013

Black silicon can take efficiency of solar cells to new levels Scientists have demonstrated results that show a huge improvement in the light absorption and the surface passivation on silicon nanostructures. This has been achieved by applying atomic layer coating. The results advance the development

Italy With New Subsidy Scheme For Renewable Heating Systems

Market observers expect the new incentive mechanism for renewable heating systems and energy-efficient measures in Italy, to come into force at the beginning of January 2013. The three Ministries of Industry, Environment and Agriculture have only reached their agreement in November 2012. And the OK

V3Solar With Cutting-Edge Spin Cell Photovoltaic Technology

V3Solar has developed a break through technology, which dramatically increases the overall energy output of the photovoltaic material in its new Spin Cell solar devices.   The Spin Cell produces over 20X more electricity than the same amount of PV on flat, static panels.  

Siemens 6 MW Offshore Wind Turbine – Overview And Technical Specifications

Based on Siemens Direct Drive technology, the 6.0 MW turbine has 50% fewer moving parts than comparable geared machines and a towerhead mass of less than 350 tons. This unique combination of robustness and low weight significantly reduces infrastructure, installation and servicing costs, and boosts