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Growth of Global Solar and Wind Energy Still Bigger Than Other Renewable Energy Technologies

Solar and wind continue to dominate investment in new renewable capacity. Global use of solar and wind energy grew significantly in 2012. Solar power consumption increased by 58 percent, to 93 terrawatt-hours (TWh), while wind power increased by 18.1 percent, to 521.3 TWh. Although hydropower

UK With Almost 3GW Wind Energy Capacity

The United Kingdom has committed to bring 15 percent of its total energy from renewables by 2020, and has already constructed 2.67 gigawatts of offshore wind in order to reach this target. Previous to June 2012, offshore wind investment in the UK totaled approximately $2.3

UK Renewable Energy Grows In 2012

Renewable energy is powering forward in the UK, according to the 2012 update to the Renewable Energy Roadmap published today by Energy Secretary Edward Davey. Significant progress has been made on the rollout of renewable energy across the United Kingdom from July 2011 to July

EU Announces $1.6 Billion in Funding for Renewables Projects

The European Commission recently announced that it has awarded over €1.2 billion ($1.6 billion) to 23 innovative renewable energy technology (RES) projects. The projects cover a wide range of renewable energy technologies – from bioenergy (including advanced biofuels), concentrated solar power and geothermal power to

Geothermal Energy Market In Europe Grows Despite The Financial Crisis

This week high-level experts from industry, research and the public sector gathered in Budapest for the 4th annual GeoPower Europe conference to discuss key aspects of the geothermal market in Europe. Delegates noted the high number of projects which continue to be developed in spite

Wind Energy Associations List

ORGANISATION URL CITY COUNTRY Austrian Wind Energy Association http://www.igwindkraft.at St. Pölten Austria European Wind Energy Association http://www.ewea.org/ Brussels Belgium Ceská spolecnost pro vetrnou energii (CSVE) http://www.csve.cz Prague Czech Republic Danish Wind Industry Association http://www.windpower.org Copenhagen Denmark Danish Wind Turbine Owners Association http://www.dkvind.dk Aarhus Denmark Estonian

Selected Headlines – 25.10.2012

Concentrated Solar Power Could Supply 11.3% of Global Electricity by 2050 Global concentrated solar power (CSP) markets are growing faster than ever. CSP’s dispatchability, increased efficiency and track record in innovation has led to projections that by 2050, with appropriate support, CSP could provide 11.3%